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Scent Products

From our signature Wax Bars & Essential Oils to Car Bars & Room Sprays, we love our scent products that connect us to our emotions, to our memories, and to each other. 


fragrance that feels good


Scentsy body products help you express your individuality through fragrance while nourishing your skin with vitamin-rich formulas.

let's fill the room

Warmers & Diffusers

Complete the experience with an authentic Scentsy Warmer or Diffuser. Choose from dozens of stunning designs!

sparkling beauty


Win the war on grime. Our cutting-edge home cleaning formulas tackle the hard stuff with ease and leave behind a beautiful Scentsy fragrance.


with grandmas lovin'


There’s fragrance, and then there’s full-cycle fragrance. Our high-performance laundry products work best together to fight stains, lift away dirt, soften fabrics and infuse washables with our exclusive, long-lasting scents.


baby geniuses


Kick up the fun with imaginative products and bright, kid-friendly fragrances.


magic in store


An enchanting lineup of Disney-themed products in the Kids, Scent and On-the-Go categories.

discount shopping


This includes our best discounts and limited-time offers such as the Scent & Warmer of the Month, Bundle & Save deals, seasonal items, & clearance! There's constantly new deals that sell out fast so don't miss out!


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