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Looking for a simple, fun and innovative way to raise money for an organization or cause important to you? 

Scentsy fundraisers are completely customizable and incredibly easy to execute. Don't fret - I'll take care of ALL the logistics, the final ordering process, and the packaging. You'll simply receive one flat rate for orders and FREE shipping! After the fundraiser closes, I will personally hand over the earned money to your organization, totaling 25-35% of all sales (depending on fundraiser type). It couldn’t be easier!


  • Scentsy sells at a higher price point than most traditional fundraising products, therefore, the profit potential is much greater. For example, 50% on a $3 candy bar is $1.50 versus 35% on a $20 6-pack of Scent Circles is $7. 

  • Some fundraising companies charge you for collateral and/or for shipping. With Scentsy, both of these potential costs are free.

  • Scentsy offers desirable, high quality and in most cases, reusable products. Traditional fundraising products tend to be overpriced and oversold. Our products are new, exciting and reasonably priced - I charge retail value for my items. For this reason, Scentsy products will outpace the sales of other fundraising products.

How Much Can I Earn?

This completely depends on the items you choose to sell and how many are sold. Here is a chart outlining the potential earnings for one of my popular fundraisers, which offers 6-pack bundles of Scent Circles with a profit of 35% of all sales:


Scentsy fundraisers can benefit a variety of groups:

  • Schools

  • Sports Teams

  • Non-Profit Groups and Organizations

  • Pre-Schools/Day Cares

  • Marching Bands/Choirs

  • Booster Clubs/Pep Clubs

  • Pet Shelters/Rescues

  • Churches/Youth Groups

  • 4-H clubs/FFA/FHA

  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

  • Cheerleading/Gymnastic Team

Online Scentsy Fundraiser

This is the easiest fundraiser to manage. I will create a Facebook event, as well as set up a “party” on my Scentsy website for your group’s participants to direct friends and family to where they can purchase directly from the website. All customers pay a minimal shipping fee, and the Scentsy products are shipped right to their door via UPS.

Traditional Fundraiser

This type is the most popular form of fundraising. Each group participant is given a packet with order forms to collect customer orders from friends, family, and neighbors. Each participant is responsible for all order forms and money collection, and the customers all receive FREE shipping. After about 2 weeks of selling, I collect the orders from the participants and place the orders, then sort and label the Scentsy products for participants to deliver.  I will also create an online form on my website so that out-of-state contacts can order and have it count toward the fundraiser as well.

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