The Latest Subscription Box Women Are Going Crazy For

FabFitFun, Birchbox, BarkBox….these are just a few of the popular monthly curated variety boxes out there that took the U.S. by storm. Why are they so popular, especially with women? It’s simple. They are tons of fun to receive and save you money! Monthly themed boxes allow you to try a variety of products at a reduced cost, and give you a fun surprise to open each month.

Whiff Box

Well, there is a new box in town which is unique in that it focuses solely on home fragrance items. Meet Scentsy Whiff Box, a monthly curated box filled with five to eight sample and full-size consumable items (aka the stuff that runs out) in each box. This box is a perfect gift for so many different types of women: the homebody, the hostess, the mom with way too much laundry to do, the pet owner…just about anyone who spends time at home and enjoys things that smell great and help their home to smell great too.

Scentsy Whiff Box

So, what’s in this Whiff Box?

You’ll always get Scentsy wax in single-use samples and/or a Scentsy Bar or two. Don’t know what that is? Click here to discover these wickless candles. The remaining contents will vary from Scentsy Laundry, Clean, Body or on-the-go products. It arrives in a unique Scentsy-branded package containing a product information insert and a “sniff preview” of the next Scent of the Month! The contents of each Whiff Box change every single month, so you will never get the same box twice, unless you want to.

The best part? A monthly subscription is NOT required for Scentsy Whiff Box though it is an option for those that wish to receive it every 1, 2 or 3 months (this has the added benefit of getting you free or reduced shipping). Click the photo below for my unboxing video of the October 2018 Whiff Box for a taste of what they look like:

If you would like to order your own Whiff Box, or purchase one for a gift, click here.


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