13 Ways to Make Your Home Look and Smell like Fall

It’s hard to believe that Fall is upon us once again. Football is back in full swing (go Panthers!) and soon the leaves will begin to turn colors as the air embraces its cooler side. From bonfires and pumpkin spice lattes to trick-or-treating and cinnamon-infused goodies, it is not hard to understand why so many people love Fall. No other season feels quite as cozy.

Scentsy’s Harvest Collection is the perfect kick-start to the season with home decor and scents that will fill your house with all the smells and warmth of Autumn. If there is one thing we know how to do well at Scentsy, it is helping households evoke feelings of comfort and coziness.

Check out this 30 -second video displaying our new Harvest Collection items for 2018. Make sure to snag your favorites soon as this is a limited time collection.

Scentsy Harvest Collection 2018:

Pick of the Patch Scentsy Warmer - $40

Celebrate the fruits of the harvest with a stack of just-picked pumpkins.

Give Thanks Milk Can Scentsy Warmer - $40

A down home message of gratitude expressed with just enough rustic-retro flair.

Rustic Pumpkin Scentsy Warmer - $40

Like the natural-born beauty that inspired it, Rustic Pumpkin brings an earthy, sophisticated look to any display.

Hello Fall Scentsy Mini Warmer - $20

Welcome sweater weather with a glowing declaration of color and light.

Spooky House Scentsy Mini Warmer $20

A haunted abode looms ominously against a wave of soft, ghostly light.

The Raven Warmer Wrap (to be used with Etched Core Scentsy Warmer) - $18

A raven stands big and bold against a neutral canvas to create this legendary Halloween silhouette.

Spooky Scentsy Warmer - $45

Make him the master of your Halloween ceremonies to ensure a ghoulishly good time is had by all.

Dearly Departed Scentsy Mini Warmer - $20

This classically creepy skull is dead-set on dialing up the fear factor with its eerie glow.

Apple & Cinnamon Sticks Hand Soap and Lotion Bundle - $17

Includes: 1 Hand Soap and 1 Lotion (7.7 oz each)


Farmstand Pumpkin Hand Soap and Lotion Bundle - $17

Includes: 1 Hand Soap and 1 Lotion (7.7 fl. oz. each). 

Scent: Indulgent notes of fresh apple, cinnamon stick, pumpkin and caramel. 

Vlad the Bat Scentsy Buddy Clip - $15

This clip-on cutie will add a spooky-sweet accent to trick-or-treat bags, backpacks and more! Scented with Oodles of Orange.

Scentsy Buddy Pumpkin Clothing - $10

One boo-ready Buddy coming up! This adorable getup fits most full-size Scentsy Buddies, so go ahead and splurge.

Harvest Oil 3-Pack - $18

A set of three 100% Natural Oils packaged in a decorative tin (5 mL each). Use with one of our gorgeous LED Diffusers.

LOVE AT FIRST BITE: Sinfully sweet APPLE, CHERRY and VANILLA ensure resistance is futile.

PURPLE POTION: Stir up some tantalizing trouble with GOOSEBERRY, PEACH NECTAR and GARDENIA.

HAPPY HAUNTING: Chilling CHERRY, creepy CLOVE and a swoosh of CINNAMON.


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