How to Keep Your Athletic Gear and Gym Clothes Smelling Fresh

As a fitness enthusiast and trainer at 9 Round, a kickboxing/HIIT gym, my laundry basket gets plenty of attention, often brimming with sweat-drenched clothes, socks and wraps. Whether you workout regularly or have kids involved in sports, smelly athletic wear and gear is a real problem in many households. I was constantly on the search for how to keep everything smelling fresh, especially my gloves and wraps which can get quite ripe sitting in a gym bag. From scented balls to deodorizers, nothing seemed to work that well, and the scent faded so fast. Then, I discovered a few products that changed the game for me!

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I use Scentsy Fresh Spray (the Odor Out is my fav scent) on my boxing gloves and shoes and just about everything else that I can't easily throw in the washing machine. It also does wonders for dog beds - that is actually why I first purchased it. It contains powerful molecules designed to actually eliminate odors, so give this a try next time those helmets and pads start causing a stench.


This was the item that surprised me the most. I have a gym bag that stores a change of clothes, as well as my gloves and hand wraps. Hand wraps are notorious for causing odors as they get very sweaty inside your gloves, then you often roll them up tightly and toss somewhere until your next workout. Well, all of that trapped sweat can be a breeding ground for odors. Though I wash mine regularly, I needed something to use in between washes.

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Enter the Scent Pak. I tossed one of these into my bag and was amazed at how long I was able to go between washes while my wraps continued smelling great!  That is not a word one often uses for wraps. Before, I was washing my wraps every 3rd use or so and now, I honestly go like 2 weeks before I wash them because of the Scent Pak. Don't judge. Not only that, but anything I have in the gym bag with it smells just as good...gloves, clothes, etc. I've had my current one in the bag for over 2 months and it is still going strong! Love these things.


Sports and exercise can take a toll on clothing. Grass and dirt stains have been the bane for many of us. This is where we need our laundry detergent to roll up its sleeves and get to work. I was a Tide girl for most of my life. I didn't even look and compare brands and formulas. I just grabbed my Tide bottle and moved on. However, I desired more fragrance from my laundry experience. 

This led me to my first container of Washer Whiffs, what I now call miracle granules! Strictly for long-lasting scent, it is perfectly paired with the cleaning power of Laundry Liquid. The Laundry Liquid formula features six enzymes to attack difficult stains, while penetrating cleaning agents lift away dirt. Finally, a laundry combo that smells as good as it cleans! If you are looking for the best value, Scentsy carries a Laundry Love bundle which comes with a large tub of Washer Whiffs, Laundry Liquid and 4 Dryer Disks, all at a savings of $10. 

So, if you feel like you are losing the war on laundry and odors in your home, I challenge you to give these items a try. I'm confident you will be just as pleasantly surprised as I was. I would also LOVE to hear your feedback once you have used any of them.

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