How to Get the Most out of Your Scentsy Bar Wax Melts

I originally created this tip sheet for my Scentsy customers, to help ensure they had the best experience possible with their new Scentsy Bars. After hearing so many stories of other people either using or storing their Bars incorrectly, however, I decided to release this for everyone’s benefit. The following tips will help you make the most out of your Scentsy Bars at home:

Tip #1: You Can Reuse Scentsy Bar Wax 

Scentsy wax can be reused and poured back into original container

One of the great things about Scentsy Bars is that they are reusable! After breaking off and melting your wax in your Scentsy Warmer, you can either let that fragrance remain in the Warmer or you can pour it back into the original container for future use (while still melted). Scentsy wax is designed to be warmed multiple times, releasing more of the mid-and base-notes as it melts for longer periods of time. For more on those notes and how they work together to create a full scent experience, check out this great blog post from Scentsy.

Tip #2: Scent Strength of Each Wax Bar

There are a lot of variables when it comes to how strong a Scentsy Bar fragrance is, and how long it will last. Try to place your Scentsy Warmer away from fans, heaters or open windows. The size of the room, humidity, and floor plan could make a difference in your fragrance throw. Mini Warmers are best used in a small area such as a bathroom or hallway. Full-sized Warmers are recommended for larger rooms and areas. 

It is highly recommended that you specifically use a Scentsy Warmer for melting Scentsy Bars because of the food-grade petroleum based wax they are made of. Our Bars typically contain 2-3x the amount of fragrance oils over other wax and are designed to melt at lower temperatures than standard wax. As such, while you may melt our wax in other Warmers, you will likely find it goes through the scent faster because of the higher temp/heat. Likewise, if you try to melt standard wax in our Scentsy Warmers, it will likely take much longer to melt since our Warmers are designed to warm at lower temps. That is why you can leave our Warmers on 24/7 just as you would with a standard lamp without fear of overheating. It is also why our wax, once melted, will never get hot enough to burn your skin if touched or knocked over. What a relief!

If you like a more subtle fragrance experience, then I recommend using only 1-2 cubes at a time per dish. If you like a stronger fragrance like me, then you can place 3+ cubes in a dish (with the exception Mini Warmers). Most newer Scentsy Warmer dishes will list a recommended number of wax cubes on it (see pic below). There’s really no right or wrong way, it’s really a personal preference on how you enjoy Scentsy bars.

Scentsy warmer dish tells you how many cubes to use.jpg

Tip #3: How to Properly Store Scentsy Bars

The way you store your Scentsy Bars can affect the fragrance’s character, duration and performance. You can extend the shelf life of your Scentsy Bars and help maintain the correct strength of fragrance by storing them properly. This includes:

  • Finding a storage area that is cool and dark, like a cabinet that is away from direct sunlight.

  • Laying the Scentsy Bar packaging flat or stacked on top of one another; do not store upright.

  • Keeping them away from sources of heat such as the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or on top of appliances. Do not leave in your car for long periods of time!

  • Using your older Bars first.

Tip #4: Cleaning Wax From Warmers

It is important that you clean out your dishes each time you change out your wax, even if putting in new cubes of the same scent as before. NEVER mix new wax with old wax as this simply dilutes and weakens the strength of the fragrance. Check out my short video showing you the top 3 ways to clean out your wax: The first one covered, the cotton ball method, is hands down my favorite - so easy! 

Tip #5: How to Save Money on Scentsy Bars

Aside from applying all of the tips listed above, you can save even more money on the products you love by purchasing Scentsy Bars in bulk. The more you buy, the more you’ll save, with our top seller being the buy 5, get one free deal!

When you’re aware of just how many wax melts you regularly use, I can help you figure out how to place the right orders at the right time to save the most money. We even have a free Scentsy Club subscription that allows you to automate your orders, with added perks including free or reduced shipping (based on order total), Always Get My Bar (even if a scent discontinues) and Scentsy Bricks!

scentsy club

There you have it, all the tips and tricks you need to maximize your Scentsy wickless candle experience! Feel free to share this blog post with others. Still have questions or concerns? Please contact me as I am always happy to help you troubleshoot.


Jamie Hallman is an Independent Scentsy Consultant. She enjoys helping men and women start and maintain their own home-based businesses in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland, UK, France, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands. For information about how to start your own home business as well as to learn about our compensation plan please go here.

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