Scentsy's Semi-Annual BBMB (Bring Back My Bar) Candle Wax Winners Available Now

Below are the 25 Scentsy Bar scents that YOU voted back for our semi-annual Bring Back My Bar (BBMB). The following scents are only available January 1-31, 2019, so stock up while you can. Can’t decide on just a few? Then order our BBMB Sampler which contains ALL 25 scents at a $24 savings!

Apple S’mores – Apples, cedarwood, cinnamon, coconut milk, toasted marshmallow, vanilla creme

Banana Nut Bread – Bananas, nuts, spices

Beach – Papaya, honeydew, coconut

Blond Wood & Moonflower – Amber, moonflower, white roses, wood

Blue Raspberry Ice – Cherry, lemon, raspberry

Blueberry Rush – Black currant, blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate

Cashmere – Bergamot, lily of the valley, moroccan jasmine

Central Park Pralines – Buttery caramel, cinnamon sugar, roasted pecans

Coconut Cotton – coconut milk, cotton, citrus, sandalwood

Dark Harbor – Amber, blue-green mint, keffir lime, ocean lavender

Fields of Gold – Apple, bergamot, cashmere, patchouli, plum

French Kiss – Caramel, cedar, coconut, fig

Happy Birthday – Sugar, vanilla, whipped cream

Jumpin’ Jellybean – Apple, lemon, pear, sugar

My Home – Floral, spicy cinnamon. Formerly named Home Sweet Home

Red Candy Apple – Apples, berries, brown sugar, cotton candy, raspberry jam, strawberry milk

Rockin’ Ruby Razz – Orange, strawberry, sweet candy glaze

Rum Raisin Cookie – Cookie dough, clove, rum raisin

Sea Salt Mist – Amber, beach grass, mandarin, ocean mist, sea salt

Southern Evening – French lavender, geranium, subtle fruits, white musk

Sticky Cinnamon Bun – Cinnamon, nuts, sweet icing

Thunderstorm – Refreshing, sharp, spicy, outdoor fragrance

Vanilla Suede – Amber, vanilla, sandalwood, spice

Wild What a Melon – Green apple, sugared pineapple, watermelon

World Traveler – Blackberry, dark pomegranate, oak bark

Can’t imagine parting with your favs from this list once they disappear in February? If you join our FREE Scentsy Club, Scentsy will continue to make your fav scents for you, even when they are no longer available to purchase on the site. How cool is that?! Read all the details on this amazing feature or sign up here.

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