Lighthouse Fans Will Love Scentsy's August 2019 Warmer of the Month

Each month Scentsy features a new Warmer and Scent of the month that are not in the catalog, but that can be ordered online. They are also 10% off during the month of their debut.

Description: Reminiscent of the most photographed lighthouse in the world, the Portland Warmer takes you to a peaceful Maine shoreline. Featuring handcrafted galvanized steel,  cut-out windows and a misty glow, it alludes  to a steady beacon of hope in the distance. 

Description: Beach grass, flowering raspberry and Northern Oak fern sway amid crashing waves, churning a surge of salty musk.

scentsy lighthouse warmer of the month august 2019

These are only available for a limited time. They could sell out in a few weeks or a few months, but they won’t be around longer than six months, so if you see a Warmer or Scent of the Month you like, grab it now! You can see some of the more recent Warmers and Scents of the month that are still available to order here.


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