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We all want our home to smell fresh and inviting without the added dangers of open flame candles and soot. Scentsy started with our signature wax and warmers, but has now evolved into a full fragrance company. Whether it's your home, car, laundry, or skin, I would love to help you find safe and affordable scent-based products perfect for your family!





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I'm Jamie Hallman

It's so nice to meet you! I'm a small town Southern girl turned world traveler, Realtor, kickboxer, Scentsy addict and dog mom. My happiest days are spent enjoying good weather and food outdoors or watching a Carolina Panthers game with my husband, then snuggling up with my black pug, Kai Ninja. I'm a huge nerd at heart (yes, Star Wars is my jam), and my passion is helping others, and teaching them how to walk in health and freedom. This includes helping others make a living doing what they love, without it taking over their life. Above all, I'm a daughter of Christ who is constantly learning how to live out my true purpose in the time I've been given. 



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I love hearing from my customers, and always aim to ensure an excellent experience for anyone I encounter. Please take a minute to leave a Google review for me by clicking the box below. It would mean a lot to me as a small business owner.

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There are so many different ways for you to get involved with me through Scentsy! I'm always looking for fabulous friends to join my tribe or help get free swag by simply spreading the Scentsy love. I would also love to partner with you on your next fundraiser! 


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I truly enjoy helping others find the right products for their households and coaching others how to run their own successful businesses. Whether you want to get together to discuss this month's current special, or go deeper and talk about how this business can change your life - I truly want to get to know you! 

Fragrance connects us to our emotions, our memories, and to each other.”
— Heidi Thompson (Owner of Scentsy)